2019 DVD Competition...

This one off competition is unusual for a camera club in that we're asking for your standard picture postcard views.  Any images entered could be selected for the 2019 club DVD to raise the club a few extra pounds.  They can be standard views of traditional scenes; harbours, beaches, sunsets, sunrises, long exposure etc.  But also images of Cornish life such as sports and festive events.  Cornish wildlife shots will also be welcomed especially if they're shown in the Cornish enviroment.  In essense a travel photograpy competition, without most of the travelling.

The entry rules are dfferent from the normal ones.

  • The images should be big enough to be displayed on a HD TV. i.e. 1920 pixels wide by 1080 pixels high.  If you prefer to resize them yourself that's fine, but full camera resolution entries are also ok.  I will resize them if they are selected for the DVD.  If the image is portrait then it should be at least 1080 pixels high.
    • If you do enter full camera resolution images please use DVD/memory stick rather than email as email servers often reject messages that are too big.
  • Images must be shot this year and be taken in Cornwall or the Scilly Isles.
  • Please give the image an identifiable filename.  i.e. 'Porthcurno Sunset' and please check the place names are correct, i.e. NOT 'Porth Curno Sunset'.
  • Please enter up to 25 images. (Yes; 25)

  • On the evening the competition will be self-judged but due to the number of images expected I shall collate the scores during the following week and reveal the results at the start of the following meeting.

    Points will be awarded for the placed images and as usual a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place would mean it cannot be submitted into another competition.   However: entered images do NOT count towards the maximum number of times they can be used in other competitions.  We don't want to stop you entering your best shots for fear of not being able to use them elsewhere.

    Hopefully we'll have a nice summer to get out there and take them...