Monochrome Print Competition...

You can enter up to two prints in the Open section and one print for the specialised subject.
Note: The Monochrome Competition is now held on the same night as the Colour Print competition.

Subjects for this coming season are;

a:) Memorabilia - shots that make you think of yesteryear.
b:) Open - anything other than a:)

All entries as a gallery are below...

All available entries of   a:)   High Contrast
All available entries of   b:)   Open  (any subject other than (a)).

Current Season Competition Placed Entries...

Winner & Placed: High Contrast

First: Mike Langley - Early Morning

Early Morning

Second: Belinda Ratnayake - Village Woman

Village Woman

Third: Jerry Cartlidge - Llyn Padarn Lone Tree

Llyn Padarn Lone Tree

Highly Commended: Reg Poad - Tiger Face

Tiger Face

Highly Commended: Val Lutey - Misty Recession

Misty Recession

Winner & Placed: Open

First: Barrie Walker - Room to Read in a Digital World

Room to Read in a Digital World

Second: Phillip Biggs - Architectural Abstract

Architectural Abstract

Third: Bryan Crick - Boy on Train

Boy on Train

Highly Commended: Val Lutey - Owl Detail

Owl Detail

Highly Commended: Mike Langley - Talking Dutch

Talking Dutch

The Previous Season Competition Entries are here...