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All available entries of   a:)   Gardens  - Find the colour in gardens and parks..
All available entries of   b:)   Open  (Any subject other than (a)).

Current Season Competition Placed Entries...

Winner & Placed: Gardens

First: Jerry Cartlidge - Poppies in the Breeze

Poppies in the Breeze

Second: Mike Langley - The Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden

Third: Jerry Cartlidge - Yellow Poppy

Yellow Poppy

Highly Commended: Phillip Biggs - A Wild Tulip Garden

A Wild Tulip Garden

Highly Commended: Belinda Ratnayake - Bluebells, Enys Gardens

Bluebells, Enys Gardens

Winner & Placed: Open

First: Julie Eccleston - Majestic Swan

Majestic Swan

Second: Barrie Walker - Clevedon Pier

Clevedon Pier

Third: Jerry Cartlidge - St Michaels Mount

St Michaels Mount

Highly Commended: Bryan Crick - Blacksmith


Highly Commended: Jerry Cartlidge - Porthgwara Milkyway

Porthgwara Milkyway