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All available entries of   a:)   Animals Pets domesticated or wild
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Colour Print: Animals Pets domesticated or wild

First: Jerry Cartlidge - Scotish Wild Cat

Scotish Wild Cat

Second: Jerry Cartlidge - Sanderling


Third: Mike Langley - 6 Spot Burnet

6 Spot Burnet

Highly Commended: Belinda Ratnayake - Barn Owl

Barn Owl

Highly Commended: Jerry Cartlidge - Red Squirrel Feeding

Red Squirrel Feeding

Colour Print: Open

First: Mike Langley - Flying the Mountains

Flying the Mountains

Second: Barrie Walker - Autumn Glory

Autumn Glory

Third: Barrie Walker - Stuttgart Library View

Stuttgart Library View

Highly Commended: Bryan Crick - Fairground Lorry

Fairground Lorry

Highly Commended: Jerry Cartlidge - Windsurfer