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Monochrome Print: High contrast

First: Belinda Ratnayake - Cathedral Organ

Cathedral Organ

Second: Jerry Cartlidge - Larna


Third: Barrie Walker - On the Crest of a Wave

On the Crest of a Wave

Highly Commended: Barrie Walker - Cleansing the Mind

Cleansing the Mind

Highly Commended: Marlene Rouncefield - Large White 2

Large White 2

Winner & Placed: Open

First: Jerry Cartlidge - Llanberis Lone Tree

Llanberis Lone Tree

Second: Barrie Walker - V&a Dundee

V&a Dundee

Third: Jerry Cartlidge - Buttermere Tree

Buttermere Tree

Highly Commended: Bryan Crick - Buckfast Abbey

Buckfast Abbey

Highly Commended: Steve Hynes - Walking to Everest Base Camp

Walking to Everest Base Camp