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All available entries of   a:)   People  - A person, a couple or a group. Interpret the subject as you see fit. As will the judge!.
All available entries of   b:)   Open  (any subject other than (a)).

Current Season Competition Placed Entries...

Winner & Placed: People

First: Belinda Ratnayake - Village Elders

Village Elders

Second: Bryan Crick - A Wood Turner

A Wood Turner

Third: Barrie Walker - Worry Less Smile More

Worry Less Smile More

Highly Commended: Bryan Crick - Starting Young

Starting Young

Highly Commended: Steve Hynes - Tibetan Monk

Tibetan Monk

Winner & Placed: Open

First: Mike Langley - Hampton Court Facade

Hampton Court Facade

Second: Jerry Cartlidge - Bolenowe Mens Institute

Bolenowe Mens Institute

Third: Mike Langley - Southwold Pier

Southwold Pier

Highly Commended: Mike Langley - Dance Routine

Dance Routine

Highly Commended: Jerry Cartlidge - Rocks and Ripples

Rocks and Ripples