Mike Langley's Gallery...

Young Sparrow Hawk Young Sparrow Hawk
Team HockeyTeam Hockey
Spring Melt Spring Melt
Sparrow Hawk with RatSparrow Hawk with Rat
Snow on the MountainSnow on the Mountain
Snack Before we LeaveSnack Before we Leave
Small WhiteSmall White
Painted LadyPainted Lady
Out of the Flames 2Out of the Flames 2
On TrackOn Track
Mackerel FliesMackerel Flies
Hummingbird Hawk MothHummingbird Hawk Moth
Hampton CourtHampton Court
Goldfinch Fight ClubGoldfinch Fight Club
Gold Finch TrioGold Finch Trio
Game on 2Game on 2
Gold Finch FeedingGold Finch Feeding
Elephant Hawkmoth HeadElephant Hawkmoth Head
Crab SpiderCrab Spider
Cosmos in IceCosmos in Ice
Autumn LakeAutumn Lake
Young Sparrow HawkYoung Sparrow Hawk
Storm Over IonaStorm Over Iona
Newly Emerged Emperor Dr...Newly Emerged Emperor Dragonfly
Hawkmoth in FlightHawkmoth in Flight
Cromer Cromer
Broad Bodied ChaserBroad Bodied Chaser
Boat ShedBoat Shed
Wild HarebellWild Harebell
Wild FlowersWild Flowers
Passion FlowerPassion Flower
Lady's BedstrawLady's Bedstraw
Evening PrimroseEvening Primrose
Wood Pigeon LandingWood Pigeon Landing
Winter LakeWinter Lake
Lunch at St DavidsLunch at St Davids
I'm Not Giving the Kiss ...I'm Not Giving the Kiss of Life
Daisey in WaterDaisey in Water
Storm BrewingStorm Brewing
Safety FirstSafety First
Leaving PlymouthLeaving Plymouth
Dutch BargeDutch Barge
All Home SafeAll Home Safe
Trumpet ManTrumpet Man
The ArchesThe Arches
Fish TownFish Town
Wave CatcherWave Catcher
Spidermans Front DoorSpidermans Front Door
Mountain TourMountain Tour
Lake BrienzLake Brienz
He's Late AgainHe's Late Again
Woodpigeon LandingWoodpigeon Landing
Great TitGreat Tit
Great Spotted Woodpepper...Great Spotted Woodpepper
Yacht RaceYacht Race
Need for SpeedNeed for Speed
Long Tailed Tit FamilyLong Tailed Tit Family
Game onGame on
Coming and GoingComing and Going
Blow That Bloody Whistle...Blow That Bloody Whistle
Waiting Waiting
The Three AmigosThe Three Amigos
The Lock KeeperThe Lock Keeper
Storm Over Iona 2Storm Over Iona 2
Sailing the IssielmereSailing the Issielmere
Humming Bird Hawk Moth 2...Humming Bird Hawk Moth 2
Bully OffBully Off
Actor Actor
Ralph 2Ralph 2
Muscuvy DuckMuscuvy Duck
Miss PiggyMiss Piggy
Billy GoatBilly Goat
Tram Bus DepotTram Bus Depot
Spreading the NewsSpreading the News
Sparrow HawkSparrow Hawk
I'm ShyI'm Shy
Hockey SticksHockey Sticks
Fishing the MarginesFishing the Margines
Elizabethan ApproachElizabethan Approach
Checking the CheeseChecking the Cheese
Autumn the RhieneAutumn the Rhiene