Automatic Score Calculator Programme   v1.2

This program will read through each of the text files in the 'competitions/current/placed_text_files' folder.  A score will be generated for each member who has a placing and that will be added to the members tally in the member array.  The member array will be built up as the scoring members are discovered. i.e. a member with no score will not have an entry in the array.

A 'Score Report' text file will also be created containing competition names and points awarded for each member.  This can be used for checking the scoring or printing out.

Note: Some judges kindly ignore our 1, 2, 3, HC x 2 requirements and give out extra placings.  So the scores reflect this.  If you think I've got a score wrong then let me know.

There is a 'verbose' mode that can be switched on in the code.


Member Name Score