The Judges for the Current Season ...

The judges for the coming season can now be found alongside the competition on the programme page.

The club wishes to thank the efforts of all the judges; past, present and future; who give their time and expertise, providing their insights into our images that we might become better photographers. Thank you.

A note on members judging.

A randomly organised printed list of images will be given to each member present. The images will be run through giving each image 30 seconds so that members can judge the overall level. Then the images will be run through again given 30 seconds each during which time the marks will be awarded out of 10 on the scoresheet.

Members should not judge their own image but instead put a large cross against it.

At the end of the judging the scores are entered into a spreadsheet which will total the scores. To overcome the problem where members present will get one less score than members who aren't present, their score will be divided by the number of members judging to get an average score which will then be added to their total.