St.Ives Camera Club, Cornwall, bids you a very warm Welcome.

St.Ives has had a long and famous tradition in the fine arts, literature, crafts and traditional pottery too. The camera club has been around for some time but is certainly the newcomer to the artistic traditions of the town. As such we feel a special responsibility to keep up that traditional standard in the "new" art form.

With that particularly in mind we are always very keen to welcome new members. Whether you are an absolute beginner, intermediate or experienced photographer, you can be sure to receive a very warm welcome to our club.

No matter what your particular interest or favourite photographic topic, you will be sure to find others here with the same interests. As a beginner you might like to participate in our club mentoring scheme and get individual help from someone who already has experience. You may have a new camera and are looking to improve on your first efforts. Not sure about the computer side of digital photography? We surely have folks who can help you get going or improve on that too.

More experienced photographers will certainly find a kindred spirit among our diverse membership, as we have some really excellent photographers in our ranks. Many of whom regularly excel in international competitions and salons. Check out the competition menu to see some of our members entries, or the member galleries to see all their recently entered work.

As well as running various club competitions for shields and trophies, we also have practical evenings and guest speakers who generously pass on their knowledge and skills. A number of inter-club competitions are fixtures in the programme where we compete with other local camera clubs from around West Cornwall.

Like many clubs, our weekly club meetings run from early autumn through to late spring. Other more casual events like field trips, take place in the summer months for those who wish to take part.



We look forward to greeting you when you come to "look us over". If you then decide to join us you are sure to make a whole lot of new friends ... and have fun making pictures too. Please contact us by email at the link that appears at the foot of every page if you want any further information...... or just a chat.


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14/06/2017 Fowey River CC has an exhibition this summer. See the details here and location here.

05/06/2017 Mike Langley is selling one of his monitors if anyone is interested. It's a Dell U2412M 24” wide screen IPS LCD backlit DVI-D HDCP VGA non reflective monitor and can be used in the upright portrait position. It's in new condition and boxed. This monitor cost £290 new and Mike is asking for £80

If you're interested give Mike a call. If you don't have his number contact me and I'll put you in touch.

12/05/2017 Next season mono print specialtist subject is Memorabilia - shots that make you think of yesteryear.  The colour print special subject is Close Up images that get in close, but not necessarily macro.  ONE print for the special subject TWO for the open.

12/05/2017 The results of the CPA competition held last Tuesday are here.  We did very well squaking into third overall.

In addition Barrie Walker had two prints chosen for the Celtic Challenge and Jerry Cartlidge had another chosen.

12/05/2017 Apologies (again) to all.   Some of you may have noticed the web site has been down for the last few days.  Our previous hosting provider started to mess things about, so I've had to move to a new host.  Normal service should now be restored.  If you do find any issues then please let me know.

29/04/2017 Apologies to all.  I had intended to bring all the prints back for everyone on our last meeting, but I forgot. If anyone would like their prints back before the next season then please let me know.

25/04/2017 The Bill Jenkins Final results are now available here. Winner of "Image of the Year" goes to Belinda.  Well done Blin! See here winning image here.

22/04/2017 Digital Imaging Expo 2017 is on this year at the NEC on September 23rd. Click the link for details.

18/04/2017 A spreadsheet with links to most of the Affinity Photo videos is available here.

15/04/2017 Mike Langley has a few bits he's offering for sale as follows;

If you don't have Mike's contact details write to me and I'll pass you on.

04/04/2017 The results of the CPA Nature and Wildlife Competition are available here.

21/03/2017 The results of the Panorama & Letterbox competition are here.

16/03/2017 Last Monday was another very close inter club competition. The full results were.

  Penryn St Ives
Digital 100 103
Print 100 100
Totals: 200 203

Individual scores for those who had work entered can be seen here

16/03/2017 Richard Thomas has for sale a Spyder4Pro, an advanced monitor calibration instrument. It is on sale elsewhere for £50 but he is willing to accept £40 should any of our members be interested. If you're interested let Phillip know and I'll forward his contact details.


06/03/2017 The Bill Jenkins round 4 results are now available here and the results of this years' Charles Hosken are here and a patricular well done to Barrie who had the top photograph!

28/02/2017 Please note more late changes to the programme on March 20th and April 3rd.

23/02/2017 Congratulations to Falmouth and Helston who put up a vigorous fight but just failed to stop us from winning the evening. The overall score was:

  St Ives Fal. Hel.
Digital 168 174 167
Print 172 164 171
Totals: 340 338 338

Individual scores for our photos out of 20 can be seen in the club archive here.

12/02/2017 There's an illustrated talk by world renowned nature photographer Georgina Strange being held locally on behalf of the Cornwall Wildlife Trust. Click here and here for more info.

08/02/2017 The results of the 2017 DPIC are in.  If you had an image entered this year you can see the club's score here.  As a club we came equal 22 out of the 56 clubs entered.  The full results and images can be seen on the DPIC website.

07/02/2017 Notice of programme change. 'What Cornwall Means to Me' has been moved to the 20th March. In it's place on the 27th Feb. is a practical evening with emphasis on the newer and less technical members. Please bring your camera, tripod, PC connecting cable if you have one and some of your photos you would like to improve in Photoshop.

30/01/2017 The results for the Bill Jenkins round 3 are now available here.

Note also that the programme has been corrected to relect that the inter-club on March 13th is at home.

27/01/2017 The Photo Journalism exercise images can now be seen here. Also now accessible are the galleries from last years entries.

12/12/2016 The results for the Creative Digital competition are now available here.

Also well done to one of our new guys, Des, who one the prize for best image from our desktop evening with this image.

08/12/2016 At the inter-club between us and PPG we emerged the winners this time. The individual results can be downloaded here and the final scores were as follows.

  PPG. St Ives
Digital 133 155
Print 144 151
Totals: 277 306


06/12/2016 The winners and available images of the mono and colour print competitions are now available.

19/11/2016 Cornwall Wildlife Trust are having one of Spain’s top Nature Photographers visit Cornwall.  Jose Ruiz will be showing us his fantastic Spanish nature photographs. Click here for the flyer with details and dates.

08/11/2016 The results of the Bill Jenkins round 2 competition are now available here.  See judge Victor Tullin's notes on the images here.

24/10/2016 The winner and placed images for tonights Digital Portfolio competition are now available here.

18/10/2016 The results of the Wade. Cam/Red St.Ives inter club competition were;

  Wade. Cam/Red St Ives
Digital 128 124 121
Print 125 120 130
Totals: 253 244 251

Individual scores can be seen from the scoresheet here.

15/10/2016 The images for the manipulation exercise are available here.

14/10/2016 A reminder about our table top evening.

27/09/2016 Winners and available images of the Print Challenge are now available here.

04/09/2016 The CPA have a new Nature Competition. Entry guideline are here, entry definitions are here.

17/06/2016 Request from a William Rees.  He is looking for negatives of family photos taken by Eileen Gamble in 2001. If you have any info contact William at





Older notices are on the club archive page here.