St.Ives Camera Club, Cornwall, bids you a very warm Welcome.

St.Ives has had a long and famous tradition in the fine arts, literature, crafts and traditional pottery too. The camera club has been around for some time but is certainly the newcomer to the artistic traditions of the town. As such we feel a special responsibility to keep up that traditional standard in the "new" art form.

With that particularly in mind we are always very keen to welcome new members. Whether you are an absolute beginner, intermediate or experienced photographer, you can be sure to receive a very warm welcome to our club.

No matter what your particular interest or favourite photographic topic, you will be sure to find others here with the same interests. As a beginner you might like to participate in our club mentoring scheme and get individual help from someone who already has experience. You may have a new camera and are looking to improve on your first efforts. Not sure about the computer side of digital photography? We surely have folks who can help you get going or improve on that too.

More experienced photographers will certainly find a kindred spirit among our diverse membership, as we have some really excellent photographers in our ranks. Many of whom regularly excel in international competitions and salons. Check out the competition menu to see some of our members entries, or the member galleries to see all their recently entered work.

As well as running various club competitions for shields and trophies, we also have practical evenings and guest speakers who generously pass on their knowledge and skills. A number of inter-club competitions are fixtures in the programme where we compete with other local camera clubs from around West Cornwall.

Like many clubs, our weekly club meetings run from early autumn through to late spring. Other more casual events like field trips, take place in the summer months for those who wish to take part.



We look forward to greeting you when you come to "look us over". If you then decide to join us you are sure to make a whole lot of new friends ... and have fun making pictures too. Please contact us by email at the link that appears at the foot of every page if you want any further information...... or just a chat.




21/02/2018 The DPIC results are now available here.

29/01/2018 The winners and images of tonight's Bill Jenkins Shield round 3 can now be seen from the Competitions menu.

15/01/2018 The winners and images of tonight's Digital Portfolio can now be seen from the Competitions menu.

11/12/2017 The results and images are now available for tonight's Creative competition from the competition menu.

05/12/2017 Well done to PPG who beat us decisively in our inter-club competition last night. The results were;

  StIves. PPG
Digital 172 171
Print 153 178
Totals: 325 349

Our judge, Derek Godridge, kindly left us his notes for those of you who couldn't attend which you can find with the individual scores here.

And finally a big thanks to Brigitte and her minions who organised a fine half time feast.

22/11/2017 The results for last Monday's Mono and Colour print competitions can now be seen from the competition menu. Congratulations to Barrie and Mike who won the respective Mono and Colour overall awards.

17/11/2017 Well done to Cambourne Redruth with their decisive victory in the recent three way competition. The full results were as follows and the individual scores can be downloaded here.

  Wade. Cam/Red St Ives
Digital 129 137 136
Print 135 136 128
Totals: 264 273 264


06/11/2017 The results and images are now avilable from the competition page for the Bill Jenkins round 2 competition.  The judge, Helen Gadd, has kindly left some of her notes with us which you can see here.

03/10/2017 The results and available images are now avilable from the competition page for the Print Challenge.  The judge, Victor Tullin, has kindly left his notes with us which you can see here.

24/08/2017 We've had a local photographer contact the club who has to give up the hobby for health reasons.  He's selling all his kit.  For the list of what's available, look here.


Older notices are on the club archive page here.