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The link below will take you to a basic listing of many of the clubs' archive documents. They are in date order, so scroll to the bottom for the latest. The exact dates aren't on many of the pages, so I've used an approximate date based on the month in which the current competition occurs (if applicable) with a day of '01'. Should any members recall any particular dates I will update the file accordingly.

Most of the documents are about marks and results of various competitions. So if you didn't make a note of the judges' marks of your images on the night, here's the place to look. Many of the hand written notes may appear faint, but are usually readable if you zoom in.

Documents ending with a '_001' are multipart scanned documents in TIF format. i.e. there are two or more scans within the same file. Make sure your reader can access multpart docs. You might need to search through the menus of your image software to find the option. 'Windows Photo Viewer' and 'Polyview' work, but I can't see an option in 'Photoshop Elements', 'Microsoft Paint' or 'Apple PictureViewer'.

The Documents Are Here

Old Notices

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28/04/2021 The club position and individual results for the recent CPA contest can be downloaded here.

29/03/2021   The Zoom meeting for the last 3 way competition went well.   After the first two rounds there was an ouside chance that PPG could be caught, but instead they romped away.  The final scores for the combined three events are below..

PPG St Ives Launceston
707 681 669

Congratulations to Bryan who had our top scroing image with "Ever Forward".  If you'd like to look at the full scores for the three rounds, the spreadsheet is here.

21/03/2021 The scores are in for our images entered into the Charles Hosken competition this year.  See them here.  I also recommend you visiting the CPA results page and looking at the winners here. 15/03/2021 The results of the Bill Jenkins round 4 can now be seen from the Competition menu.  It was judged by Ian Smith from Launceston club, along with the results and comments on each image (see links)
Seascape & Landscape
Natural History
16/02/2021 Chris Osborn has judged our Colour Print and Mono Print competitions. He has also provided comments on each image in an innovative way. See them here. An Excel spreadsheet with the info is here. 02/12/2020 Richard Squires, Chair at Liskeard CC, is running a number of good value courses aimed at beginners. For more information see the document here. 15/02/2021 Geoff Hitchins has marked our Bill Jenkins round 3 for us.  He not only gave us the placings but a line of comment for each image.  You can see them here: Landscape, Portrait, Natural History, Candid, Sport and Miscellany.  The images themselves can be seen from the competition menu as usual.

28/01/2021 The Zoom meeting for the first 3 way competition went very well, with a very close result.

PPG St Ives Launceston
229 224 224

We'll wait to see what round 2 holds  If you'd like to look at the full scores, the spreadsheet is here.

15/12/2020 The results of the Creative Competition are in.  The scores were close.  See the images from the link on the competition menu.

  Member Score
1st: Barrie Walker 71
Joint 2nd: Phillip Biggs 62
Joint 2nd: Jerry Cartlidge 62
HC: Jerry Cartlidge 61
HC: Barrie Walker 61

 27/11/2020 The results are in for the Bill Jenkis round 2 competition.  Many thanks to Barbara Jenkins for judging and providing her comments which can be found here...

03/11/2020 The results for the Digital Portfolio are...

  Member Score
1st: Barrie Walker 502
2nd: Marlene Rouncefield 498
3rd: Jerry Cartlidge 477
HC: Mike Langley 425
HC: Julie Eccleston 422
See their images here...

05/10/20  The results of the Bill Jenkins round 1 are in.   Wendy Allard kindly gave us some brief comments on the images. You can see them in the links below.
Natural History
21/03/2020 The results of the Charles Hosken are here with all the St Ives entries here.

18/03/2020 A spreadsheet with the three results of the three way with PPG and St Just can now be downloaded from here...

03/02/2020 We came second in the first round of the three evening 3 way with PPG and St Just.  Fingers crossed for round 2.

  St. Just PPG St
Digital 108 121 109
Print 108 118 111
Totals: 216 239 220

29/04/2019 Well done to Jerry Cartlidge who was confirmed as the worthy winner of our Photographer of the Year and Portrait of the Year during our final meeting of the season. Well done too to Barrie who won Image of the Year.

02/04/2019 St Ives club did well again this evening with a convincing win against Falmouth.

  Falmouth St Ives
Digital 175 209
Print 203 220
Totals: 378 429

Individual scores for those who had work entered can be seen here

26/02/2019 Yesterday provided a very unusual result for an inter club competition. A win by a surprisingly high margin.  

  Penryn St Ives
Digital 215 251
Print 209 249
Totals: 424 500

Individual scores for those who had work entered can be seen here

20/11/2018 Well done again to Cambourne Redruth with their narrow victory in tonights three way competition. The full results were as follows and the individual scores can be downloaded here.

  Wade. Cam
Digital 152 159 168
Print 171 174 162
Totals: 323 333 330

16/11/2018 The detailed results of the CPA Wildlife & Nature Competition can be seen here n.b. it's a large PDF.

31/07/2018 Our data protection policy is now in place.  Please take 5 minutes to have a read.

31/05/2018 The results for the Charles Hosken competition are here
15/05/2018 We did well as a club at the CPA annual competition this evening finishing 4th overall and just a single point behond Truro. And special congrats go to Barire who won Best Creative image and also picked up a HC. Full details are here. 24/04/2018 Well done to Jerry who won this year's 'Photographer of the Year' and 'Landscape Image of the Year' tonight.  Belinda who won 'Portrait Image of the Year and to Julie who won 'Image of the Year'.

15/03/2018 Good news!  In the three way fight with Helston and Falmouth we pulled off a narrow victory.  The individual scores are here.

St Ives

05/12/2017 Well done to PPG who beat us decisively in our inter-club competition last night. The results were;

  StIves. PPG
Digital 172 171
Print 153 178
Totals: 325 349

17/11/2017 Well done to Cambourne Redruth with their decisive victory in the recent three way competition. The full results were as follows and the individual scores can be downloaded here.

  Wade. Cam/Red St Ives
Digital 129 137 136
Print 135 136 128
Totals: 264 273 264

12/05/2017 The results of the CPA competition held last Tuesday are here.  We did very well squaking into third overall.

In addition Barrie Walker had two prints chosen for the Celtic Challenge and Jerry Cartlidge had another chosen.

25/04/2017 The Bill Jenkins Final results are now available here. Winner of "Image of the Year" goes to Belinda.  Well done Blin! See here winning image here. 18/04/2017 A spreadsheet with links to most of the Affinity Photo videos is available here.

15/04/2017 Mike Langley has a few bits he's offering for sale as follows;

If you don't have Mike's contact details write to me and I'll pass you on.

04/04/2017 The results of the CPA Nature and Wildlife Competition are available here.

16/03/2017 Last Monday was another very close inter club competition. The full results were.

  Penryn St Ives
Digital 100 103
Print 100 100
Totals: 200 203

Individual scores for those who had work entered can be seen here

06/03/2017 The Bill Jenkins round 4 results are now available here and the results of this years' Charles Hosken are here and a patricular well done to Barrie who had the top photograph!

23/02/2017 Congratulations to Falmouth and Helston who put up a vigorous fight but just failed to stop us from winning the evening. The overall score was:

  St Ives Fal. Hel.
Digital 168 174 167
Print 172 164 171
Totals: 340 338 338

Individual scores for our photos out of 20 can be seen in the club archive here.

08/02/2017 The results of the 2017 DPIC are in.  If you had an image entered this year you can see the club's score here.  As a club we came equal 22 out of the 56 clubs entered.  The full results and images can be seen on the DPIC website.

27/01/2017 The Photo Journalism exercise images can now be seen here. Also now accessible are the galleries from last years entries.

12/12/2016 The results for the Creative Digital competition are now available here.

Also well done to one of our new guys, Des, who one the prize for best image from our desktop evening with this image.

08/12/2016 At the inter-club between us and PPG we emerged the winners this time. The individual results can be downloaded here and the final scores were as follows.

  PPG. St Ives
Digital 133 155
Print 144 151
Totals: 277 306
06/12/2016 The winners and available images of the mono and colour print competitions are now available.
08/11/2016 The results of the Bill Jenkins round 2 competition are now available here.  See judge Victor Tullin's notes on the images here. 24/10/2016 The winner and placed images for tonights Digital Portfolio competition are now available here.

18/10/2016 The results of the Wade. Cam/Red St.Ives inter club competition were;

  Wade. Cam/Red St Ives
Digital 128 124 121
Print 125 120 130
Totals: 253 244 251

Individual scores can be seen from the scoresheet here.

27/09/2016 Winners and available images of the Print Challenge are now available here. 04/09/2016 The CPA have a new Nature Competition. Entry guideline are here, entry definitions are here. 17/06/2016 Request from a William Rees.  He is looking for negatives of family photos taken by Eileen Gamble in 2001. If you have any info contact William at

10/05/2016 The results of tonight's CPA Annual Competition are now available here along with the marks for our individual images.

We came a creditable 6th of the 12 clubs taking part but unfortunately failed to get a single HC or above. Must try harder next year! But well done to Wadebridge who scorded most points overall.

10/03/2016 Congratulations to Penryn, who beat us in both sections of tonights' competition. Full results were.

  Penryn St Ives
Digital 243 239
Print 242 237
Totals: 485 476

Individual scores for those who had work entered can be seen here.

01/03/2016 Congratulations this time go to Helston, who narrowly beat us in the 3 way battle with Falmouth by a mere 3 points! Full results were.

  Helston Falmouth St Ives
Digital 130 126 133
Print 132 105 126
Totals: 262 231 259

Individual scores for those who had work entered can be seen here

12/02/2016 The DPIC results are in! See our entries here. We came 18th out of 56. Not a bad showing for a little club like ours. F8 image group came first. To see all the club rankings and the slide show click here.

01/02/2016 Congratulations this time go to St Ives who were the victors in the inter club competition this evening. Last year we lost by a mere 3 points, so it was time for some payback! The overall score was;

  St Ives PPG
Digital 233 198
Print 210 197
Totals: 443 395


Individual scores can be seen from the scan here.