Colour Theme Challenge...

This digital competition has replaced the "Colour Print" competition.  You can enter up to five images in the themed subject.

All entries as a gallery are below...

All available entries of   a:)   Modern Fashion

Current Season Competition Placed Entries...

Colour Theme Challenge Modern Fashion

First: Barrie Walker - Mary's Shell Modern Sculpture

Mary's Shell Modern Sculpture

Second: Barrie Walker - Modern Art Installation

Modern Art Installation

Third: Barrie Walker - Four Blue Men

Four Blue Men

Highly Commended: Marlene Rouncefield - A Modern Miss

A Modern Miss

Highly Commended: Phillip Biggs - New Towering Over Old

New Towering Over Old

Highly Commended: Phillip Biggs - So Many Colours!

So Many Colours!

The Previous Season Competition Entries are here...