Creative Digital Competition...

This competition could also be known as 'altered reality'.  A maximum of four images of your own choice.  If you are making a photo montage, all elements must be your own work.

All entries MUST be handed to the Competition Secretary 2 WEEKS PRIOR to the competition or they will NOT BE ELIGIBLE. Please see Hand in Dates especially if you were the winner last year.

(Refer to 'Submission Information’ for entry requirements)

Current Season Competition Placed Entries...

All entries as a gallery are here.

Winner & Placed:

First: Phillip Biggs - Swordfish Attack

Swordfish Attack

Second: Barrie Walker - Purple Poppy

Purple Poppy

Third: Barrie Walker - Bone Setting Specialist

Bone Setting Specialist

Highly Commended: Jerry Cartlidge - Box Camera & Roses

Box Camera & Roses

Highly Commended: Jerry Cartlidge - Pebbles


The Previous Season Competition Entries are here...