The Judges for the Current Season ...

The judges for the coming season can now be found alongside the competition on the programme page.

The club wishes to thank the efforts of all the judges; past, present and future; who give their time and expertise, providing their insights into our images that we might become better photographers. Thank you.

A note on members judging.

As an experiment, for the 2020/21 season we're going to change the way we do the self judging competitions.  The images for the competition will be put up on the web site a week or more before the evening that the images will be shown.  Members will have access to them via a login page in the "Member" menu.

Members can take as much or as little time as they want studying and rating the images online.  They can return and change their scores as often as they like up to a day before the club evening.  Members will not be able to judge their own images.  As before, members own images will have their score increased based on the average of all the other scores for that image.

On the evening of the competition the images will be shown, but as judging would already have taken place, the hope is members will be free to ask questions, discuss and critique the images.  This should provide a more social atmosphere than the rather sterile one we've had in the past.  After the break the placed images will be revealed.