Bill Jenkins Shield.

Including the Digital Image of the Year Competition

The Bill Jenkins Shield (formerly the Bill Jenkins Cup) comprises four preliminary rounds and a final round with a different judge for each.

A 1st, 2nd and 3rd will be chosen from each of the six categories to go through to the final. There may also be up to two highly commended digital images in each category.

A maximum of twelve digital images per person per round, with a maximum of two digital images in any one category may be entered. Digital Images not chosen may be re-entered into a later round if the owner believes that another judge may select them. See the 'Use of an Image in Multiple Competitions' section on our Submissions page.

Digital images may not be altered in any way after selection for the final. Digital images must conform to Club rules on sizing. Again; refer to the Submissions page.

If the Competition Secretary considers that an image has been entered in the wrong category, he will inform the Chairman. If the Chairman and two other Committee Members agree, this will be pointed out to the entrant, who may change that image and enter it into the appropriate category.

During the final, a single image will be chosen by the judge to be the clubs' Digital Image of the Year. Points are awarded for all placed images and added to those from other competitions to determine the club's Photographer of the Year.

The 6 competition categories
 A  SEASCAPE AND LANDSCAPE Any Seascape or Landscape
B PORTRAIT Human. Up to full length. (Where the figure is the main theme.)
C NATURAL HISTORY Plants and Animals (See 'Wildlife Images' under 'Definition of Categories')
D CANDID Unobserved and intimate photographs of people.
E SPORT All types and aspects of sport.
F MISCELLANY Abstract, Architecture, Tabletop, etc; but NOT subjects which could be placed in categories A to E.


All entries MUST be handed to the Competition Secretary 2 WEEKS PRIOR to the competition or they will NOT BE ELIGIBLE.  Please see the Programme and be sure to check the dates.

(Refer to 'Submission Information’ for entry requirements).

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